Interview with A-Ro for NINTH WAVE RADIO. We chat music, friendship, technology, travel & basically just catch up! You might just catch some unreleased tunes if you play this out.

Potatohead People Guest Mix on NTS Radio for Touching Bass.

Guest Mix for Darker Than Wax FM on The Lot Radio in NYC, Was a blast hanging with these guys and playing tunes although we were all very hung over from the night before. Good Times!

Potatohead People Originals Mix for HW&W. Nothing but Potatohead People, Nick Wiz & Astro goodies in this one. Enjoy!

Guest Mix for MOTO MADE RADIO in Montreal. Shout outs to Blind and Noo-Bap for having me.

Potatohead People Influences Mix for Bastard Jazz from 2015. Had fun putting this one together.

Guest Mix for Frank & Oak from 2014. This was fun to do and I got some sweet clothes from it that I still wear. (Ballin’ sweatsuit in full effect)